Dreamit Health Applications Open

Attention HealthTech companies! We’ve received an unprecedented volume of applications for our Spring 2016 Dreamit Health program, so we’ve decided to accommodate an additional group of startups within the cohort. As a result, we’re extending the application deadline until 5pm on January 17th. We’re already conducting interviews, so get your applications in before the deadline to be included.

For EdTech and other startups, the application process is officially closed. Please check back soon for details on upcoming programs and application deadlines, or follow us on Twitter @dreamitventures for the most up-to-date info.

If you have issues with the application, contact support@f6s.com with specific details, and send us an email at findthefuture@dreamit.com.

Dreamit Health Application Deadline: Jan 17, 2016








Application FAQ’s

When is the next accelerator program?

Dreamit’s accelerator programs run twice a year for 16 weeks. Our next program will start in late March, 2016.

Will I get funding?

Two options are available; one provides funding and one does not:

Option 1: Direct Investment
We invest between $25k and $100k in exchange for 5-8%. For certain programs there may also be a small participation fee. If accepted, you will receive the full terms of the offer in your offer letter.

Option 2: “Zero-Zero” Option
Designed for more seasoned entrepreneurs with post-seed companies. We make no direct investment and take no immediate equity. We ask for an option to invest up to $250K into your seed round.

What types of companies do you select?

We work with all kinds of technology-oriented companies, but we do not work with consultancies and other service businesses. For the Winter 2016 cohort, we will offer two Dreamit tracks: Health and Education technology. A big focus of our program is helping to accelerate growth, so our companies tend to already have a product and users/customers.

Do you accept single-founder companies?

Very, very rarely. In general, it takes a minimum of two co-founders to take advantage of all the resources we offer while still building your business and achieving key milestones throughout the program.

Do I need a tech co-founder / tech in-house?

Your odds of being accepted are much better if you have a technical co-founder on your team.

When is the application deadline?

Currently we are only accepting applications for our Spring 2016 Dreamit Health program. We review every application that we receive, but with rolling admissions, we strongly encourage you to submit your application as early as possible to give us more time to read and reflect on your materials. Early applicants may be offered office hours with our team or a ticket to an invite-only Dreamit event. These are great ways for us to get to know each other better.

Can I edit my application once I submit it?

Once you submit your application via f6s.com, you can no longer edit your answers. However, you can notify us of any updates and changes by logging back in and adding to the notes section of your application.

When will interviews take place?

We’ll invite the teams that seem most promising to meet us at one of our Innovation Hubs or via Skype in two batches: mid January and early February. Teams will not be penalized if they are unable to meet with us in-person.

When will I find out if I’ve been accepted into the program?

We accept a small number of teams on a rolling basis, but the majority of acceptances will be decided after all teams have been interviewed. If you applied for funding, we will notify you of the amount we’ll invest and the percent of the company we’d want for it in your offer letter.

Do you provide office space?

Dreamit provides limited office space in our Innovation Hubs. You are not required to work out of our space during the program. For companies applying to certain tracks, acceptance into the program may be contingent on relocation to a specific Innovation Hub. The core team will be expected to move for the duration of the program. The reasoning is that you will need to be on-location to take advantage of the specialized programming and resources for these programs.

I’ve already raised some funding. Can I still apply?

Yes, we’ve worked with many startups that have already taken funding as part of a pre-seed or seed round. Some of the companies entering the program already have revenue. Others are very early with just a prototype and early traction. We tailor our curriculum to your specific stage and needs. For later stage companies looking for a more flexible experience, we’ve also launched a new program called Dreamit Overdrive.


Can I still apply if I’m not from the U.S.?


Yes, as long as you can visit the U.S. for the duration of the program. We’ve accepted overseas founders in almost every cycle and look forward to getting applications from all over the world.

I want to pitch you on my company. How do I get in touch?

We hold office hours year round for startups that want to get feedback on what they’re building, in-person at our Innovation Hubs or by phone. If you’d liked to speak with us, send an email to findthefuture@dreamit.com or fill out the contact form on the website with information on what you’re working on.

Why didn’t you accept me?

Please don’t take it personally. We encourage you to consider re-applying in the future. In the meantime, keep us updated on all your progress. Many DreamIt companies applied more than once before being accepted into the program. If you got to the final interview stage and weren’t selected, we’ll give you honest feedback on why you didn’t receive an offer at this time.